— W.C.U.N — Pittsburgh!!


Videodrome is a masterpiece. I'm not here to argue the point, however I can admit there is at least one terrible line reading in the film and while I am inclined to believe the line reading is Cronenberg's intention and not James Woods' acting, it doesn't change my opinion that the scene would have been better delivered with a modicum of enthusiasm. Written as an obvious play on the superfluous See You in Hell! See You in Pittsburgh is delivered by James Woods as if an afterthought instead of the tongue-in-cheek one-liner it appears to be on the written page. Cronenberg's desire may very well have been to undermine the typical macho one-liner often delivered in action films after the dispatching of enemies, and if that's the case it works in so far as it robs the surreal murder of Harlan of any kind of visceral excitement, but at what cost?! 

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