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While I have never been a big fan of Ryan O'Neil, I sure love this movie and a huge part of that love is because of how bad O'Neil is in it. If you don't believe me just take a look at this clip and behold the wonder of a one-time stars total disintegration in the shadow of Norman Mailer's fancy. The other reasons to love this movie unconditionally are Debra Sandland/Stipe as Patty Lareine, a gorgeous blonde with a terrible accent and a foul mouth, Isabella Rossellini as the forever put-upon ex-girlfriend, Laurence Tierney as the tough guy who doesn't dance, Wings "Ramrod" Hauser as the maniac Police Captain fond of chopping heads, Penn Jillette as a Swinging Preacher called Big Stoop, and Clarence Williams III as Patty Lareine's cryptically in the know chauffeur. Plus we get dialogue like this: "Are you trying to wake up all the ghosts in hell town? ", "You Yankees got tongues like tallywhackers," "I just deep-sixed two heads," and "My pussy hair used to be golden until I scorched it with the football team." The fact that Norman Mailer directed and Angelo Badalamenti scored is just icing on the weirdo cake.  As a side note, I am pretty sure Lynch was intensely influenced by this film when he started down the rabbit hole of Twin Peaks. 

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