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CLASS OF 1999 (1990) Dir. Mark L. Lester. Written by C. Courtney Joyner and Mark L. Lester. Starring: Stacy Keach, Malcolm McDowell, Pam Grier, Bradlee Gregg, Traci Lind, Patrick Kilpatrick, John P. Ryan, and Joshua Miller.

There's Just One Subject at Kennedy High ... Survival!

I'll probably take some heat for this one, but I much prefer Class of 1999 to Lester's Class of 1984. 1984 is great fun, but it doesn't have anything on the quick pace, Sci-Fi facelift and nutty cast being way nutty in 1999. I mean, check out Stacy Keach in the above picture, will ya? Albino contacts and Brian Bosworth's mullet! Malcolm McDowell being the epitome of normal which is pretty nutty, and Pam Grier as one of three Terminator's brought in to wrangle the marauding gangs of high-schoolers into doing their homework. Released in 1990, I have a hard time understanding how the writers thought we'd have perfectly human-looking androids with military grade appendages by then not to mention that Settle school districts would devolve into demilitarized zones in just 9 years. But that's part of the charm, just like the road warrior styled battles to get to school in the morning and sweet Traci Lind (Fright Night Part 2, My Boyfriend's Back.) And as much as I like Michael J. Fox in Class of 1984, I far prefer the little bit of screen time given to the as usual, unhinged Josh Miller (Near Dark, River's Edge, Teen Witch) playing the hero's addict kid brother. There's not much of a point breaking down the plot since what you need to know can be gleaned from the trailer below, but besides some 2nd act doldrums, the movie cracks along to a pretty stellar finale set at Seattle's very own Lincoln High School renamed Kennedy High for the film. Side note: When my son started High School a couple of years ago, I entertained the idea of moving across town to the Wallingford neighborhood just so he could go to the same school as the Blackhearts and Razorheads, alas cooler heads prevailed after I showed him Class of 1999. Let's just say Millenials might not enjoy this one as much as my generation.    



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