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DISORGANIZED CRIME (1989) Dir. Jim Kouf. Written by Jim Kouf. Starring: Corbin Bernsen, Lou Diamond Phillips, Ruben Blades, Fred Gwynne, William Russ, Ed O'Neill, Daniel Roebuck, and Hoyt Axton.

Salazar, a not bald Corbin Bernsen - this was the L.A. Law days - cases a local bank in a podunk Montana town. Before the opening titles have ended he's busted by two New Jersey Detectives (Roebuck and O'Neill) who have been tracking him for the robbery of several banks back East. Enter the rest of the ensemble cast, the best part of this film, each arriving in town solo, unaware of each other, to discover Salazar called them together for a bank heist. Problem is he's on his way back East with the Detectives and none of these so-called criminals act like they know how to tie their shoes let alone pull off a heist. Hilarity ensues or at least what passes for B-level hilarity in 1989 and that's really the problem here - Disorganized Crime is never quite as funny as it thinks it is. It feels like subpar Badham so it makes sense that he Executive Produced. Still, we get great performances from everyone involved, especially Daniel Roebuck, and Ruben Blades, who are relishing the chance to play bigger roles and characters than they were usually allowed. The highlight though has to be Fred Gwynne, and I would include this performance in a trio of late-career roles that include My Cousin Vinny and Pet Semetary that reminded the world just how great he was. Ultimately, the movie is charming, especially in the bond slowly formed between all the criminals, and it has a good-natured sensibility about it that you don't often encounter in crime or comedy films. Add to that the great performances and you have an enjoyable, if not hilarious, way to spend a couple of hours.


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