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ONE GOOD COP (1991) Dir. Heywood Gould. Written by Heywood Gould. Starring: Michael Keaton, Rene Russo, Anthony Lapaglia, Benjamin Bratt, Rachel Ticotin, Kevin Conway, Tony Plana, and Victor Rivers.

How far will one man go to be a good father and stay...

One Good Cop has a lot of heart and its the rare character study outside of Clean & Sober where Keaton gets to show us what a damn fine actor he can be. It's great that he's made a comeback as of late, but he's still not getting the kind of roles he deserves and by that, I mean fully realized characters with actual, meaningful, emotional arcs. Here he plays Artie Lewis, an NYPD detective with a steady marriage - a first - to the beautiful Rita (Russo) who takes in his partners three young daughters after their father dies in the line of duty. This may sound like soulless heart string pulling by the writer and filmmaker but through the actors performances the set-up rings utterly genuine and invests us in the real meat of the story; Artie's struggle to support the kids, keep them out of the child welfare system, and eventually whether or not to rob a mid-level drug dealer. His decision brings the expected consequences, but every bit of it is so authentic and delivered with such immediacy and pathos by Keaton that the somewhat simple story takes on a real lasting power. Rachel Ticotin as the drug dealer's moll is excellent as well and is another example of an actor adrift in TV land for the last twenty years, deserving of more and better film roles.  



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