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RUN (1991) Dir. Geoff Burrowes. Written by Dennis Shryack, and Michael Blodgett. Starring: Patrick Dempsey, Kelly Preston, and Ken Pogue.

Hunted By The Mafia And The Police, He's Running For His Life.

Smarmy law student/amateur card sharp, Charlie Farrow gets a job driving a Porsche down to Atlantic City, has some mechanical issues on the way, and lets his winning ways and running mouth get himself into big trouble at a little casino somewhere in New Jersey. Never a good thing. Bullied by a wanna-be gangster at the Texas Hold'em table because he just can't seem to lose, Charlie inadvertently causes the man's death and before long the entire city, cops, and crooks are out to kill him, because as it turns out the dead bul…

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