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HAPPY HELL NIGHT (1992) Dir. Brian Owens. Written by Brian Owens and Michael Fitzpatrick. Starring: Sam Rockwell, Charles Cragin, and Darren McGavin.

Tonight The Party Animals Of Phi Delta Kappa Will Raise More Than Hell!

Well, what can be said about Happy Hell Night that could possibly make you want to see it? Sam Rockwell has a small part early on in both the film and his career. Kolchak himself, Darren McGavin plays Rockwell as an old man. Oh, and this movie scared the shit out of me in the 90's when I caught one late night on Cinemax. The fact that it actually exists in the real world and was not a figment of my rabid adolescent imagination is rather disheartening. The further fact that it is on Blu-Ray is a simultaneous Godsend and kick in the balls. Does it hold up? Does it still scare the shit out of me? No and No. But, if you like Frat initiation pranks gone wrong and killer priests then this one won't disappoint. Actually, scratch that, the killer priest holds up and is still creepy as fuck. For all the straight to video z-grade slashers in the decades since that hay-day of the 80's, Charles Cragin's portrayal of Malius is up there with the best of the second-tier killers and I'm pretty sure it's not an act. Don't believe me? Check him out as the Torturer for hire in the Schwarzenegger actioner True Lies and tell me this guy doesn't eat children in his spare time.


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