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Over the years, my cinematically saturated brain has made more than a few strange connections between actors and their inspirations, directors and their crib sheets, writers and their muses. For Your Consideration is not so much a place to expose homages and rip-offs, but more a space to raise questions about more abstract and potentially subconscious influences on the work of film artists in general. Rather than further explanation, I will demonstrate. For your consideration . . .

When I first saw Kevin Spacey in Seven:

My initial reaction was that he was channeling HAL from Kubrick's 2001: 

I had been making this connection for years. How strange then that in 2009, Spacey decides to make his own foray into A.I. voices with Duncan Jones' Moon wherein he voices Gerty:

Mere Coincidence? Knowing homage? Spacey a robot? You decide. 

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