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FULL ECLIPSE (1993) Dir. Anthony Hickox. Written by Richard Christian Matheson, and Michael Reeves. Starring: Mario Van Peebles, Patsy Kinsit, Bruce Payne, Jennifer Rubin, Jason Beghe, and Paula Marshall.

There's a new police force on the streets... and they only come out at night.

I've got a soft spot in my black heart for made for HBO movies, Patsy Kensit and Anthony Hickox as a director. Call it a side effect of coming of age during the heyday of all three. Full Eclipse then is a triple threat for me. Throw in Werewolves with guns and you can take my money for the special edition now! Being an HBO movie, however, like Cast a Deadly Spell we will probably be holding our breath for some time, at least until HBO realizes the gold mine, well perhaps silver mine, that they are sitting on with these movies going unreleased. Mario Van Peebles fresh off directing the also criminally underrated, Posse is Max Dire who along with his partner, the unequally named, Jim Sheldon take on a nightclub full of street punks with automatic weapons. Max does his best John Woo, but his partner is not so Woo, taking a chest full of hot lead and dying unceremoniously in the kind of air duct that only exists in movies. Max is majorly grieving like his wife or his dog just died until Jim shows back up, fit as a fiddle and going after bad guys like the Cyberdyne Systems T-800 cross-bred with Action Jackson. Something's not right, and before Max can figure just what that is, Jim is dead again and Max is bumming again. But not for long because there's a Special Unit that has answers for Max and Patsy Kensit and Paula Marshall and Patsy Kensit. Seems this unit is a crack tactical team cleaning up the streets almost single-handedly save the help of a special elixir. Max isn't down with drugs but Patsy works her charms and before long Max is shooting up with the rest of them and Wolfing out big time - wait, what? That's right, this Special Unit, are Werewolves and now, so is Max. Cue montage of Wolf Cop mayhem and one truly hairy Max and Casey sex scene, doggy-style of course, cuz that's just how Hickox rolls as a director. The rest of the movie is just as deliriously dumb and fun and owes more than a little to the comic books of the era. With the recent success studios are having with R rated superhero films and the upcoming horror-styled New Mutants film, we can only hope we are entering a new golden age of ridiculous Horror-Action crossbreeds the equal of Full Eclipse, a movie quite ahead of its time. 



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